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The Piper Report Mar 21, 2011

March 21st, 2011


Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam is Right!

Why aren't responsible Republicans and Democrats talking like Farrakhan? A lot of people don't like Farrakhan—that's their problem—but he's virtually the only public figure in America today of any consequence who has laid the facts about the Libyan crisis on the line.

On tonight's broadcast, Michael Collins Piper gives his 100% endorsement to Minister Farrakhan (whom Piper has met on a number of occasions) and urges sensible Americans to pay heed to Farrakhan's words.

Louis Farrakhan reminds us that the American government murdered Americans at Waco as well. How many American politicians would dare to say that?

Piper also says that—as rotten as Sen. Lindsay Graham is—the senator is right when he uses the terms "isolate" and "strangle" in the context of the  conduct of U.S. foreign policy. Piper says that Graham is wrong to say that we need to "isolate, strangle" Libyan leader Qadaffi, but that the words "isolate and strangle" should be the rallying cry for Americans who do need to rise up and isolate and strangle those who really are isolating and strangling the American people.

Through the Federal Reserve and the Controlled Media a small handful of criminal families and big money interests who are wedded to the global Zionist agenda (often called "the New World Order") are strangling the American people financially and spiritually and murdering their sons and daughters in needless foreign wars that isolate America from the rest of the world.

And now that the United States has essentially said that it's "okay" for people to rebel against their governments—illustrated by the U.S. support for the rebels in Libya—maybe it's time for the American people to rebel!

And, by the way, another thought: If the United States really supports freedom fighters, why in the name of God haven't we gone into Israel and isolated and strangled that government that oppresses the Christians and the Muslims? After all, isn't the United States "for democracy"?

Piper says that it's time to institute a nationwide "Synagogue Watch" identifying the people and forces that are attempting (quite successfully, if truth be told) to use their political influence to get the United States into foolish foreign wars. After all, Piper points out, some very well-known and respected synagoguers in America have been implicated by the FBI for spying and espionage on behalf of a foreign nation—Israel—guilty of treason. These synagoguers are known to have worked to bring the police state to America—through the mis-named "Patriot Act" and are working assiduously to ensconce themselves as the first and foremost political force in America. It's time, Piper says, to stop them. And to stop them, we need to identify them---now, before it's too late.