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Special Broadcast

March 17th, 2011


A Note from Michael Collins Piper about this SPECIAL "blast from the past" . . . Thanks for all of the excellent input surrounding the 2 hour visit with Victor Thorn on the last podcast.

In light of the interest on the part of many new listeners (and many new listeners there are) regarding the shocking fact that I periodically report negative data about Christopher Bollyn and his consort, Helje Brand Kaskel, I thought our listeners might be intrigued in hearing the radio broadcast that touched off Bollyn's campaign to destroy and defame me and American Free Press, the newspaper that helped bring him international acclaim (which we now know was far from deserved). In fact, the aforementioned Victor Thorn—along with Bollyn—was a guest on this broadcast.

Concerned that there was an unfortunate rift between one of AFP's writers (Bollyn) and one of AFP's best supporters (Thorn), I invited both of them on the program to discuss Thorn's (now obviously quite correct) questions about the circumstances surrounding a police arrest of Bollyn in his front yard in Schaumburg, Illinois. I assumed this would be an opportunity to set things straight and reach a friendly public accord and give Bollyn the opportunity to answer Thorn's criticisms.

I think that any HONEST person listening to this broadcast can see that this was no "ADL setup" as Bollyn told many people publicly and privately, alleging that I--along with an assortment of others, including Victor Thorn--had collaborated with the ADL and Homeland Security and God Knows Who Else to arrange for Bollyn to get arrested and then later "smear" him by inviting him on my program.

As far as the police attack on Bollyn (however unwarranted) please remember that it was Bollyn himself who CALLED the police in the first place. The police just didn't show up and start tasering him!

Also, for your information, in the opening minutes of the show, Bollyn desperately tries to defame AFP (for whom he was still working!) by saying that he saw evidence of two possible "plants" or "infiltrators." One of them was Jack Ross, a stout Jewish gentleman (referred to as such by Bollyn) who was, in fact, a peripheral figure who had written several articles for AFP and who only ever visited the AFP office on perhaps two occasions, maybe three at most! And Ross is an outspoken ANTI-ZIONIST Jew.

Bollyn also refers to another person (who was at The SPOTLIGHT--the paper that preceded AFP). She was NEVER at AFP itself, having left long before. Bollyn claims that she is Jewish. No, she was NOT Jewish and the reason why she spoke a bit of Hebrew was because she had once been in love with a Jewish man and had tried to "learn his culture," but she had been rejected by him. (Contrast that with Bollyn who speaks Hebrew because he married a Jewish woman in Israel who worked for Israeli intelligence!)

Listeners will note that, at the end of the program, I speak glowingly of some material that I felt vindicated Bollyn. If I were out to "get" him as he claims, that's hardly something that I would do.

At that point little did I know that Bollyn--as a direct result of this program---would suddenly claim I was an ADL operative. This came after I had personally spent YEARS promoting Bollyn, calling him "the best journalist in America--bar none," glorifying him with a picture and praise in my book THE HIGH PRIESTS OF WAR and, before that, in my book FINAL JUDGMENT.

And this came AFTER I had personally asked Bollyn to fill my time slot for a month on another network when I was traveling overseas as the guest of, among others, former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamed, one of the world's foremost critics of Zionism! (If I were trying to undermine Bollyn and deny him what he perceives to be his due fame and fortune, it seems unlikely---doesn't it--that I would ask him to enjoy the opportunity to be heard?!?)

Bollyn's tone and attitude speaks for itself.

And note that Bollyn spends time trying to defame Victor Thorn (who has always been the first to acknowledge that his real name is Scott Makufka and that Victor Thorn is his pen name) and also slamming Victor because Victor was a cab driver---as though cab drivers are somehow the lowest of the low and incapable of research and writing (and if you've read Victor's multiple writings and books, you know that he has produced quite a bit of solid work over the years).

Bollyn now claims that I had been attacking him for years, citing the fact that he received nasty, vulgar emails using my email address just shortly before he was scheduled to come to speak (along with me and David Duke and numerous others) at a conference organized by the famed Jurgen Graf in conjunction with THE BARNES REVIEW. In fact, Bollyn knew full well--as Graf and others can confirm--that all of the key speakers (including me) were receiving such emails, ostensibly from the other participants! I myself received one that was attributed to Jurgen Graf. Yet, Bollyn still continues to tell this lie over and over again, even though he knows he has been refuted!

All of this LACK of credibility on the part of Bollyn, including his childish, self-centered behavior, is demonstrated clearly on this recording of the old radio broadcast that first revealed Bollyn's insanity and inanity.

And I would add, for the record, that subsequent to this, Daryl Bradford Smith and I patched things up, recognizing that we had BOTH been taken to the cleaners by Bollyn and Eric Hufschmid. And don't forget, too, that even now Bollyn is attacking Hufschmid, whom he consulted with via telephone on a daily basis for years!

Oh, there's so much more to the story . . . But I thought you might enjoy a reprise of this bizarre broadcast and get an introduction to the Weird World of Kinky Balloon and his brazen exhibitionist of a wife, Helje Brand Kaskel.