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The Piper Report Feb 8, 2011

February 8th, 2011

The Secret Family Link Between a Legendary Tribe and the Rise of the International Money Power:

In this first-ever special broadcast, dedicated exclusively to a single topic—and a controversial one, to be sure—Michael Collins Piper explores a wide variety of material (coming from multiple un-related sources) which points toward uncovering what may well be one of the biggest political (and religious) secrets of the all-too-often distorted history of Western Civilization.

Piper focuses on some surprising details regarding the little-noted (but quite apparent) ethnic and philosophical origins of one well-known and much-publicized family (the subject of endless popular literature and Hollywood hoopla) and demonstrates that this family has never before been fully recognized or acknowledged for its peculiar and particular role in this aspect of the "hidden history" of the West—and of the British Empire in particular. And no, we're NOT talking about the Rothschilds.

Although informed people worldwide are well-versed in the history of the criminal intrigues of the international money power of the Rothschild Dynasty which came to dominate a global octopus based out of its center of operations in the so-called City of London—beginning in the closing years of the 18th Century—Piper demonstrates in this broadcast that the rise of the Rothschilds and the inter-related families and financial groups with which they collaborate was made possible, first and foremost, by the religious battles of the so-called "reformation" in Britain.

Piper identifies the one family that played such a central part in this upheaval that changed the course of English civilization—and that of the West—forever. And as it turns out, this family's origins appear to go back to the ancient kingdom of Khazaria—the stuff of legend and much debate.

And it is no coincidence that the impact of their corruption and debauchery reverberates even today, for the Federal Reserve gangster monopoly of America's money system can be traced back to this family's machinations in Britain during the 15th Century—long before the rise of even the Rothschilds!

All of this is indeed history—hidden history—at its best (or its worst).

Before going public with his own assembly of the diverse (and eye-opening) information that he uncovered, Piper outlined his research with a number of individuals whom Piper freely admits are far more well-versed in a number of historical, cultural and religious realms than he has ever been, and all of them—to a man—concluded that Piper was indeed "on to something."

Piper has pointed out that although he initially began on this realm of research almost as a whim—and he describes his process of research in this broadcast—he recognizes that many people will dismiss his thesis out of hand, perhaps "explaining" that Piper "has an axe to grind."

But Piper says, in preliminary response: "Don't dismiss what I've put forth until you've listened to the entirety of the broadcast—and listened to it carefully."

Piper urges those who ARE able to find holes in his research to point them out publicly on this website, using facts—not opinions. "If you have some particular expertise in one or more of the areas that I've discussed, by all means then," he says, "please show me where I'm wrong."